tango message

native app


While working as a freelance interaction designer, I was hired to create an OS X chat app for Tango Message. The goal of this application was to create a sleek, compact experience that revolutionized communicating via SMS. The technology behind Tango Message would allow users to send messages via Wifi to all carriers, internationally.

my role

My primary responsibility was creating the user experience and working with a fellow UI designer to create the interface. I created product use cases, wireframes of the user flow and handed off major deliverables to the development team. Along with this, I also provided support to the Tango developers during the initial dev. process.



the challenge.


How can we simplify and enhance the pc to mobile messaging communication experience?

Who is our target audience? What demographic will benefit from this type of application?

What sets us apart? How can Tango Message differentiate itself from other OS X chat client applications?



THE approach.

We began with what we knew; the basics. We went back to examine what SMS communication really is.
A user should be able to accomplish the following actions:


While reviewing the basics of what a chat client should be, we realized that following the KISS Principle was the key to creating the solution. Afterwards, we began answering the key questions posed in our challenge, brainstorming and researching. What came out of it was the following:

  1. Tango Message should be an application that enhances the SMS communication experience, while being non-intrusive to the users OS X environment.
  2. This chat client should be intuitive, compact and sleek, and provide privacy of conversation. 


THE Process.

Research - Research - Research.

I began with a Lean UX approach, quick sketches - feedback- sketch updates, then evolved to a traditional wireframe flow.  Once the flow had been approved and product requirements had been accounted for; I then worked with a UI Designer on the interface. This approach allowed us to focus on team alignment, how the app would work and then proceed to usage flow.
**Due to application concept privacy, sketches shown are limited.**



THE result.

The solution accomplished exactly what Tango Message had in mind; we came up with an OS X chat client that was compact, simple and non-intrusive. The collapsible drawers allow for conversation privacy, but are not overbearing to your OS X environment. Tango Message is exactly what applications should be.



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