Studio Movie grill Private events & Group Sales



While at Studio Movie Grill (SMG), the Private Event and Group Sales department asked us to create a promotional video that demonstrated how SMG is more than just a theater. The objective of this video was to show what it was exactly that set us apart.

my role

As a key part of the brand/design team, I was responsible for creating the viewer experience for this video. I found the stock footage, edited the clips and searched for the right music that would evoke the intended emotions. I collaborated with our Creative Director to ensure that what I had conceptualized would effectively communicate the experience that we had envisioned.



the challenge.


How can we effectively showcase for the guests a sampling of the special showings and private parties that we offer; how can we get them excited about it?


How can we evoke an emotionally charged response from our guests about booking a party or special event? 



THE approach.

We began with answering the key questions that we posed in our challenge; really focusing on analyzing how we were going to establish the connection between ourselves and the guest through this video. We identified the following key examples of things we wanted to feature:

  1. Private Screenings
  2. Birthday Parties
  3. Holiday Parties
  4. Company Meetings
  5. Sporting Events
  6. Fundraising and Group Tickets


THE Process.

After identifying what we wanted to communicate; we concluded that in order to facilitate an emotional connection for the viewer, we would need to use powerful, visually striking footage and audio that would tug at their heartstrings. We began combing through stock footage and audio; selecting the sounds and images that would demonstrate what all SMG has to offer.



THE result.

The final video was successful in communicating to the viewer exactly what experiences we had to offer at SMG. It was extremely important to really facilitate that emotional connection to this video, so that the guests watching it would feel what they were watching could easily be their own future experiences. 



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