While working at Studio Movie Grill, my team and I partnered with Mountain Dew and Walmart for a special campaign titled, "Charged Up". The goal of the video was to provide information to consumers about the details of the campaign, while creating a visually-engaging promotion and showcasing three of their beverages.

my role

I was given a print ad with the details of the promotion, along with the total creative freedom to conceptualize how we could bring that print ad to life through motion. Keeping Mountain Dews brand at the forefront of the video was my priority. After conducting research, creating a timeline, assessing our assets and collaborating with the team, we decided that combining kinetic typography with a powerful music score would be the most effective in capturing the audiences attention to watch the promotion.



the challenge.


How do you bring a print ad to life?


How do we best engage our audience and make this video advertisement compelling?



THE approach.

We began by answering the key questions posed in our challenge, and concluded that the video needed the following attributes:

  1. Mountain Dews Brand needed to be at the forefront of the promotion.
  2. We need a music score that works well with kinetic typography and movement.


THE Process.

After pinpointing what we wanted to communicate and how, we decided that the key to creating a successful video would be to use a strong music score, complimented with visual bursts and accompanied by the ads kinetic type to express the content in an artistic, engaging manner.



THE result.

The Studio Movie Grill Marketing team, along with Mountain Dew and Walmart, were extremely pleased with the final promo. We created a video which communicated the necessary information about the campaign to the customers, and was captivating and visually-appealing. 



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