While working on the OpenKey, iPhone and Apple Watch project, I was contracted by the OpenKey team to help design the Hotel Admin website experience and interface. Each front desk clerk would be using the site to track guest metrics, communicate with guests, manage room key/amenity access and allow guests access to specific rooms.

my role

My objective was to create a user experience and user interface which would give hotel front desk staff the capability to keep up with OpenKey guests in a simple, functional and intuitive manner - while keeping product requirements and technological functionality in mind. It was my responsibility to creatively design the user experience and maintain the overall interface vision. Once my portion was completed, I handed off major deliverables to the development team at OpenKey.



the challenge.

How do we design a system which is functionally capable of handling the required demands of a front desk clerk when tracking and managing OpenKey guests, without over-complicating their existing product?



THE approach.

We began by evaluating what capabilities were necessary for a front desk clerk to adequately assist guests. Our team then analyzed how our technology could aid the process and provide hotel guests with a seamless experience. We asked ourselves: What potential issues could arise during the process? How could front desk clerks assist guests that were on the OpenKey app? These questions, along with several others, were instrumental in determining what this Hotel Admin Website needed to accomplish. What we identified as the most important capabilities were the following:



THE Process.

Implementing the right functional capabilities required for front desk clerks to assist guests was our primary concern when creating this tool. Our team made quick sketches, used client feedback and reviewed system updates to allow us to focus on the usability aspects of the site. After completing the user experience, we moved on to work on the interface. Once user experience and interface had been completed, PSDs of the final updates were then handed over to the front-end developer for development.





THE result.

Over the course of multiple iterations, our product has successfully aided many hotels in the integration of OpenKey guests.



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