While working as a freelance designer, I was contracted by OpenKey to help design a new version of their native iPhone and Apple Watch App. The goal of these applications was to simplify the process of checking-in and getting in to your hotel room. OpenKey brought the front desk right to your device.

my role

As the interaction designer for this project, my primary responsibility was creating a user experience and user interface which adhered to the OpenKey brand, their product requirements, technological functionality and overall vision. I created wire frames of the user experience, collaborated on the overall interface vision and handed-off the major deliverables to the development team at OpenKey.



the challenge.

How do we create a seamless and secure hotel check-in experience through a mobile app?


How do we make the process of getting a key to your hotel room simple and intuitive, while ensuring that our app is functionally sound and secure? Can we extend this experience to a guest’s smartwatch? If so, what would that experience look like?



THE approach.

We began by gathering product requirements and security protocols, and then started the process of breaking-down what a traditional hotel check-in experience looks like. Once we identified the critical steps of that process, we started disecting what a digital hotel guests experience would be; bearing in mind any potential limitations of the system. Because this would be a new experience for most guests, it was important to consider the following:



THE Process.

By identifying user similarities between the iPhone and Apple Watch, we could focus on creating a consistent experience for both. We wanted to ensure that guests received the best possible experience on each device, while feeling as if they were a natural extension of one another. When designing this experience, the process from conception to development was as follows: Quick sketches - Feedback - Psd's - Development.





THE result.

While working on the iPhone and Apple Watch apps, we realized that they both lead with the OpenKey brand, like many other travel apps today. We realized that many resorts and other travel accommodations did not have their own branded apps that put their brand at the forefront. This presented an opportunity – for us to create a white-label version of the OpenKey apps which would place these other brands at the forefront, while allowing them to experience the advanced OpenKey technology.


openkey iphone & apple watch app:

Openkey iphone white-label app solo & suite:



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