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mobile web gamification


While at Koupon Media, I worked with a team to create a white-label SMS Scratcher Game product. The goal of this solution was to provide an engaging and interactive way to distribute coupons between retailers and their customers. Once the denomination of the customer's coupon was revealed, the actual redemption process for the coupon would connect to Koupon Media's one-time use or multi-use couponing experience.

my role

As part of the product team, I was responsible for creating the user experience for this white-label solution and retailer specific design interface. I worked alongside and collaborated with product managers and developers to ensure that all product requirements were met, the user experience was executed smoothly and design interfaces met retailer's guidelines.



the challenge.


How can we create a widely appealing gamification experience to customers of various retailers? Can we create a simple yet engaging interaction that changes the way customers receive coupons?



THE approach.

We began with what we knew; the process by which a customer would interact with this product:

Once we identified what we knew and answered the key question posed in our challenge, we began brainstorming and collaborating. The following is what we concluded:

  1. This solution needs to be cross-browser compatible.
  2. Mobile web load time needs to be considered, thus our solution can not be extremely visually complex.
  3. Customers should feel excited to play and the reveal of the denomination should get them excited to play again.


THE Process.

Research - Research - Research.

Based on our findings, we decided that creating a mobile web Scratcher game would be the best solution that was intuitive, exciting, mysterious and engaging for customers; yet wouldn't hinder browser compatibility or mobile web load time.

Once we began creating the experience, we opted for a Lean UX collaboration approach. This approach allowed us to focus on how this experience would function and to create a solution that would work for multiple retailers. The design process was as follows: Quick sketches - Feedback - Sketch updates - Psd's- Development - Real time updates.



THE result.

Our solution met all of the necessary product requirements and white-label user experience goals. This product allowed retailers to be at the forefront of a fun way to interact with customers and distribute coupons. By creating a white-label experience, we allowed each retailer to inject their unique personality in the final product.



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