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Koupon Media is the industry leader in cloud based mobile offer management. Their platform helps retailers/brands create, manage and deliver highly targeted mobile offers to customers across multiple distribution channels. While at Koupon Media, I worked with a team to create white label one-time use and multi-use mobile web coupon redemption experiences. In addition to this, we created a native white label iOS and Android mobile offer app.

my role

As a member of the product team, I responsible for creating the user experience for the one-time use and multi-use redemption solutions, as well as for the experience for both of the white-label native apps. Since these were white-label solutions, I was also worked with Brands/Retailers to adhere to their brand guidelines for each interface design. I worked alongside and collaborated with product managers and developers to ensure that all product requirements were met and the final products were executed accordingly.



the challenge.


How can create a consistent coupon redemption solution, regardless of the interaction type (one-time use/ multi-use) and platform (mobile web / app)?


Who is our white-label app for? What capabilities other than distributing offers can we give to the customers who are utilizing our white-label app?



THE approach.

We began with what we knew; the process by which a customer would interact with retailers/brands and offers would be as follows:


Once we identified how customers would interact with our solution, we then began focusing on who our Native app product was for and what additional functionality we would provide. We concluded that this product was for retailers who didn't have an existing native app, but who wanted the capability of one in order to push offers to their customers. Along with distributing offers, we felt it was important to provide was the following additional functionality:

  1. History
  2. Categories
  3. Stores
  4. Settings


THE Process.

By identifying early on how customers would interact with these solutions, we were able to focus on creating simple and intuitive white-label experiences that put each brand/retailers interface at the forefront. We began by collaborating and producing quick sketches, gathering feedback and then evolving into a traditional wireframe flow and psd creatives, which adhered to brand/retailer guidelines.



THE result.

The final experience that we created has proven to be a success. It has been used by some for the world’s largest retailers to power offers, drive store traffic, boost mobile engagement and better understand customer preferences.


One-time use coupon mobile web experience:

One-time use coupon app experience:

Multi-use coupon app & mobile web experience:



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