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While working for Koupon Media, one of the major initiatives that I helped develop with the Product team was building their Digital Content Manager. This content management website was the core of their cloud-based mobile-offer platform. It gave account managers of various brands/retailers the capability to create, manage and deliver highly targeted offers through multiple channels.

my role

I worked and collaborated alongside KM Product Managers, as well as with both front-end and back-end developers. My primary responsibility was to make creating, managing and delivering mobile offers through a content management website easy and intuitive. I translated product requirements from documents into visceral user solutions. Along with this, I co-produced the user interface with a fellow UI designer.



the challenge.

What functionality is necessary to create, manage and deliver offers? What opportunities are there to differentiate ourselves from competitors?


Who is going to be using this Digital Content Manager?



THE approach.

We began by evaluating what an offer was and what it meant to create, manage and deliver one. Then we analyzed what we could track in this process to help educate brands and retailers about their customers. Were customers more likely to redeem one offer vs. another? At what times were customers more likely to redeem something? What channels were most effective? Could we set up an offer to be delivered within a specific radius of a store? All of these questions, along with so many others were instrumental when it came to figuring out exactly what this Digital Content Manager needed to accomplish in a manner that was easy-to-use and intuitive. What we identified as the most important capabilities were the following:


Once we determined what the capabilities would be; we began answering the key questions posed in our challenge, brainstorming and collaborating as to how each of these would function.



THE Process.

Implementing these capabilities spanned a large majority of my time at Koupon Media. For each of these functions, we would begin by compiling product requirements to assure that we had accounted for various use cases and scenarios. Once we reviewed these documents, as a team we would then work out any kinks and proceed to collaborating on the experience. Creating quick sketches, gathering feedback and providing sketch updates allowed us to really focus on the usability aspect of this tool first and foremost, while the interface came secondary. Once we had constructed a consistent user experience and consistent interface as basis for the DCM; implementation of new functionality would occur much more quickly. The process for this was: creating quick sketches, gathering feedback, creating sketch updates and handing the final updates to the front-end developer for development.


Below are a few of the initial DCM Sketches:



THE result.

Over the course of countless meetings, product documents, giant grid note pads, psd files, long nights, coffee and amazing team collaboration; this robust, yet intuitive tool has allowed Koupon Media to become one of the industry's leaders in cloud-based mobile offer creation, management and distribution.



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