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While at Koupon Media, we decided to enter the Co.Labs & Target Retail Accelerator competition. The goal of this competition was to build a mobile shopping experience that catered to customers who visited any one of Target's 1,778 stores. There were four key areas of interest. Each submission needed to address one or more of these areas: Social / Education / In-store / Personalization. We chose to focus on the customers In-store experience for our submission.

my role

I was part of the product team and responsible for creating the user experience and interface design for our iOS app submission, along with a 30 sec submission video. I produced all major deliverables and presented these to the team. I collaborated and worked alongside Product Managers, as well as with an iOS developer who brought our idea to life.



the challenge.

How can we enhance the in-store shopping experience through customer's mobile devices and use technology to help us?

Who are we targeting with this solution? And how can we create widespread engagement?

What kind of solution can we create that is intriguing and engaging; yet isn't time consuming and makes the customer excited for their next shopping experience?



THE approach.

We began with what we knew:

What we knew for certain, was that we wanted to use the two things we were experts in: Koupon Media's Offer Platform and Gimbal's Proximity Beacon technology. We believed that by combining our partner's technology along with our own, we could create an engaging in-store beacon proximity interaction.


Once we identified what we knew and answered the key questions posed in our challenge, we began brainstorming and collaboration. What came of it was the following:

  1. Incentives - Shoppers love incentives and feeling as if they have just received a great deal.
  2. Exclusivity - People in general love feeling like they are part of something special.
  3. Exploration- We wanted to allow customers to browse available coupons at their leisure.
  4. Gamification (The key to combining 1. & 2.) - Let's make you feel like you have just won a secret prize.


THE Process.

When time is of the essence, Lean UX is the best approach. This approach allowed us to focused on how this app would work and to align quickly as a team. The process went as follows: Quick sketches - Feedback - Sketch updates - Psd's- Development - Real time updates.


Thank you Ben Walker (Product Manager), for the inspiration of this game. Marco... Polo...



THE result.

We executed this app over a weekend. Our final app submission was broken down into three sections:

  1. Coupons - used Koupon Media's Offer Platform and white label one-time or multi-use coupon user experience.
  2. Find the Bullseye (engaged customers through gamification) - leveraged Gimbal's Proximity Beacons and Koupon Media's Platform to receive a special offer when the customer "Found the Bullseye".
  3. Facts - purely informative as to how the app worked.

:30 competition entry video. We shot & edited this video in less than 24 hours.



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